About Us


 CROITOR-TRICOT is a registered trade name, which belongs exclusively to „CROITOR-TRICOT” SRL Company.
CROITOR-TRICOT SRL Company was founded in 1994, being a private capital enterprise. As part of this company work only experts in the domain.
The basic activity of the enterprise is the production of knitwear for ladies, men and children, being distributed to its own store network from the country, official representatives as well as to the other clients.  
Our models are created by our specialists and are produced according to the market requirements and the our client's needs.
As raw material we use Cotton, Wollen, Lycra, Acrilic, Viscose and other yarns from our European suppliers. 
Basically we target on product quality, having a large range of products as: sweaters, jakets, dresses, knitted jackets, boleros, caps, scarves, T-shirts and many others.
We are also importers and distributors of a large range of knitting yarns.             admin@croitortricot.md